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Article marketing and key phrase research have regularly been one of the main factors in analyzing if the website advertising strategy of using articles to drive traffic for an online business will actually be successful or a total failure.

Typically, most niche research is conducted using Google with the results of that research getting incorporated into an article writing campaign in order to promote your website with the intent of attracting more traffic or visitors from the articles which are written and submitted according to those niche keyword phrases that are uncovered in the initial research.

The reason behind the substantial use of articles as a website traffic generating method is due to the power behind this strategy at driving targeted visitors to your website and the beneficial results that happen from this increase in website traffic, generally in the form of realized income or profits.

Many thriving online marketers understand that a carefully researched article can be the difference between making a sale or not, which is why they focus on providing quality content using the right keyword phrases so that you can drive targeted traffic to their website so that their conversion rates are higher instead of tanking..


When producing an article for submission to the various directories you have to understand that in some cases thousands of articles are posted in the larger article directories such as The reality of this situation is that you have to do everything you can as an author in order to make sure your article gets noticed above the rest or stands out in the crowd. You can achieve this by participating in proper keyphrase research.


When you finally know just what the web surfers or searchers are looking for and what the search engines are providing back in their results you can begin to formulate your article marketing campaign by focusing on the money phrases for your niche commonly referred to as the long tail keywords or low hanging fruit.

Because marketing with articles is part quality game and part numbers game it is vital that you understand affect each additional article you write for a profitable keyword phrase and submit will have on your entire traffic generation capabilities and website promotion success. I would much rather have a few good quality articles sending me sales, rather than a lot of low quality articles just sending me traffic.

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